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As part of our vision of Smart Agriculture, we use our IoT-enabled sensor stations on the field, high resolution satellite imagery and other sources to create innovative and actionable solutions.

The boost in agricultural production backed by IoT systems and machine learning will enable us to provide safe and sustainable food for the whole world.

Doktar Mobile Agri-Services Platform

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Our Mobile Agri-Services Platform was developed with farmers and agri-engineers in mind. The Platfrom, which boasts a completely modular structure can be modified and customized on a per project basis to meet the expectations of every agri-business.

Digital Transformation

A smart mobile platform for the interaction between farmers, agri-engineers and sales persons.

Constant Feedback

The platform allows farmers to provide timely feedback regarding the quality of the products and services they receive.

Instant Communication

Intuitive channels for communication between producers, support personnel and the sales force.

Audio-Visual Content

Incorporation of digital photographic & video content in order to diagnose and to solve farmers' problems remotely.

Call Center & Social Media Integration

Farmers who register their fields via the mobile application gain access to additional services.

Unlimited Customization Possibilities

The application can be extended with extra modules, custom UI designs and brand-specific content.

Agri-Sensors Platform

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Our proprietary Agricultural Sensor Platform keeps track of various environmental factors such as air temperature, relative humidity, soil mositure and soil temperature; readings are transmitted over standard GSM networks using NB-IOT protocol and processed by our machine learning algorithms. 

 The measurements taken by sensors help us predict the emergence of fungal diseases and pest development, as well as detect problems in irrigation patterns. 

Crop Detection & Monitoring via Satellite

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We process high resolution multi-spectral imagery stemming from 4 satellites and offer two services to agricultural businesses:

  • Region-specific or general crop area, yield and harvest date estimation:

The estimation of total growing area and yield expectation for specific crops sheds light to a major factor in the determination of prices. 

  • Crop health monitoring:

By using NDVI and SAVI calculations from multispectral imagery we identify problem spots on large fields and help farmers maximize the efficiency of irrigation and fertilization.

Pest Detection & Early Warning Systems

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The use of pheromone traps for pest detection is nothing new. However checking each trap every day requires a fair amount labor and time; and when not done right, traps have no way to tell farmers what's cooking inside. 

The next generation of pheromone traps developed by Doktar which feature digital cameras and internet connection send out images to our image recognition engine on a daily basis. 

Our image recognition technology allows us to identify and count maggots, worms, flies and insects in each image. When the engine detects an increasing trend over time, the farmers gets a notification and the chance to act before the situation gets out of control.

Soil Scanner

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Instant, on-the-spot data and recommendations to get more out of your soil.

Soil Scanner is a tool that can be used by every farmer on this planet with no prior experience in soil testing. Light-weighted, durable, beautifully designed and very affordable. The scanner contains a light source, a NIR spectrometer on a chip and an EC-meter. 

The Scanner is a mobile device that provides the amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium and determine the pH, electrical conductivity, soil temperature and the organic matter level. 

The scans from the scanner are compared with the data in the cloud and crop specific fertiliser recommendations are given via your smartphone.
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