We must boost our agricultural output twofold by 2050 in order to feed the ever-increasing world population.
Turkey aims to double its agricultural production by 2023.
Doktar leads the way in the digital transformation of turkish agriculture.

Our Services

Digital Solutions

We use our IoT-enabled sensor stations on the field, high resolution satellite imagery and real world intel gathered from different sources to create innovative and actionable solutions. 

Corporate Services

We facilitate the communication between agri-businesses and farmers with sales-driven and customer satisfaction oriented services, turning farmer based insights into competitive advantage for businesses.

For Farmers

We provide support to more than 100.000 farmers all around Turkey via our Digital Agri-Engineering services such as the Agri-Doc Service, Growers Programme, and Agricultural Support Hotline.

Farmer Testimonials

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"We're going to be 9.1 billion people on this planet by 2050. We have to increase the efficiency in agriculture 1.6-fold and this is perfectly doable."

Tanzer Bilgen, CEO


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