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Doktar enables agri-businesses to reach out to farmers with sales-oriented services delivering maximum customer satisfaction at the same time. We turn farmer based insights into competitive advantage for businesses.
Digital transformation in agriculture diminishes the role of intermediaries utilized by businesses in order to reach farmers while making brands more accessible to farmers and vice versa.  Around the world, agricultural sector is moving away from traditional methods of sales and customer relations management to a new mode of commerce based on unmediated communication between the farmer and the brand.   Businesses that are fast enough to embrace change get the upper hand in the competition for market share.


With our network of 130.000 farmers growing a total of 117 different crops all around the country, we collect, interpret and present valuable data and actionable insights into farmers' decision making processes and their expectations.

We go out and come up with the most definitve answers to questions commonly asked by agricultural businesses such as seed producers, equipment manufactureres or food processors.

  • How is my market share doing? 
  • Which regions, typres of farmers or products differ in which ways? 
  • What are the decision criteria of farmers? 
  • Are my products priced correctly? 
  • How does new legislation influence farmers' choices? 
  • Are there any shifts in crop and seed selection practices? 
  • What's the market potential of my product in the Turkish market and how do I realize that? 


The tremendous amount of farmers who are active on the Facebook and other social media platforms has made social media into a primary tool for engaging in two-way communication with farmers. Crop producers as well as consumers are much more likely to consider those brands which have informative presences on the web; comments featured on the social media have a direct impact on purchasing behavior.

With our team of seasoned agri-engineers taking matters at hand on the social media as well, we do not only offer businesses just the best digital content specific to agriculture but we also build and manage lively online communities.


Studies show that farmers are up to 40% more inclined to repeat their purchases from those brands which offer long term after-sales support services with their products, be it fertilizers, seeds or tractors. We provide valuable information and technical support regarding the use of products via automated SMS systems, agri-engineers on the field and mobile applications. 

By prescribing specific growing recommendations, sending out alerts and methods for remedying environmental hazards and crop diseases, we put our technology and the massive accumulation of agricultural know-how to help farmers make the most of what they put on their fields.


Every year, each agricultural business gathers massive amount of farmer data wither through expos, field days or sales channels. However in most cases, the data never gets processed to create further value for the company. 
Doktar's farm registration process and advanced reporting tools backed by an expert data collection team make sure that your farmer records are always up-to-date. We keep the relation between the brand and the farmer alive, while creating leads for sales from data 'that just sits there'.
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